Scottish Guy Orders £64 Domino’s Pizza With All 25 Toppings



A lot of people really seem to hate Domino’s pizza and I can see why because it is way pricier than almost any other pizza chain out there, but I do think that there’s something comforting about getting one for sone reason that I can’t quite put my finger on. Probably because it’s just always been there since we were growing up and was probably one of the first takeaway pizzas that most of us ever had.

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Anyway, the toppings are a bit crappy and mass produced but again there’s just something about them isn’t there? I don’t think I would want to experience all 25 of them on one pizza though. Not only would it just be stupid as there would barely be any room and they would just fall off the base everywhere, but it would also be super expensive.

This didn’t deter one Scottish food influencer named Dazza though as he decided for his next stunt that he was gonna order all the toppings on a Domino’s and spend £64 for the privilege. Here’s what it ended up looking like and what he had to say about it:

@yerboidazzaI ordered a £64 Domino’s with every single topping

♬ Green Green Grass – George Ezra

I had just ordered a Domino’s pizza with NOTHING on it.

No cheese and sauce, so I wanted to flip that on its head – so I ordered every single topping.

I called up Domino’s to ask if it was even possible and the guy on the phone sounded a bit confused at first but then he said ‘can I just ask, is this Dazza?’

At that point, I knew we were onto a winner.

He reads through every single item on the list and then I ask how much it was. He said £64.

I wasn’t even surprised. It’s Domino’s. I’d expect to pay that for a plain medium cheese pizza.

The taste was all a bit much. So many flavours kicking about in your mouth, it’s not for the faint-hearted. I’d definitely recommend just ordering a normal pizza!

Well thanks for that Dazza, although I think we can all put the part where the guy at Domino’s asked him if he was Dazza up for the ‘Didn’t Happen Of The Year’ Awards for 2023. Why bother throwing that in?

As for the pizza, I gotta say it doesn’t look as stacked as I thought it would. Probably gonna take Dazza’s advice and just order a Meateor or Texas BBQ next time and stick to the classics.

Also gotta ask Domino’s what they’re even thinking with some of those topping options. Tuna? Hot dog slices? Jesus Christ guys come on seriously? Does anyone ever order those except for this Dazza fool? Someone should start a petition against them.

Find it crazy that Dazza is only 26 years old as well. Geezer looks older than my dad.

For more of the same, check out this tinned spaghetti and pineapple pizza. At least Domino’s isn’t offering that option just yet.



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