PHOTOS: Scoliosis Surgery On Girl With 90 Degree Spine Proves A Success

Scilosis Featured

Scoliosis is a condition that leads to your spine being bent with an abnormal curvature, leading to a lot of pain. Thanks to spinal fusion surgery though, this girl’s condition was able to be corrected.

Scoliosis is a condition that affects the spine and leads to an abnormal curvature in it. Sometimes this curvature is ever so slight and people can lead a relatively normal life with it. Other times it requires corrective surgery. The picture you can see above was a particularly extreme case of it, when the girl’s spine was bent almost 90 degrees. She elected to have the corrective surgery and what follows are some particularly extreme photos that detail it.

Don’t flick through if you’re squeamish but ultimately the doctors did a great job and it’s good to know that conditions such as these can be sorted out now through surgery and medical technology.

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X Ray Pre Surgery

A 90 degree curvature of the spine looks very drastic... and curves can even get worse over time.

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