Scientologists Have Built A $50 Million TV Studio That Will Reach ‘Every Person On Earth’

Can these guys get any creepier?

Hollywood may never be the same again after the Church of Scientology announced it’s opened its new movie studios which they say has bigger and better facilities than Paramount.

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Leader David Miscavige says this will be an “uncorrupted communications line to the billions”, as Scientology aims to reach “virtually every person on Earth”.

The massive studio complex on Sunset Blvd in LA was unveiled this week after 5 years of work at a cost of at least $50 million.


As well as running a ‘Scientology CNN’ channel, the studio will be used to make polished propaganda movies to recruit more followers while its most famous recruit, Tom Cruise himself, plans to film his Hollywood blockbusters from there only.



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Look at those photos. Why does everyone associated with Scientology look so fucking creepy and devious?

It’s also telling that we always see the same old faces representing Scientology. Tom Cruise and John Travolta – that’s it. What, no new members in the last 15 years? In order to be a dominant cult you’ve got to grow faster than that surely. You don’t just let your cult become stagnant especially when you’ve got the electric to pay at your $145 million church.

Which is why this is a good move from the Scientology weirdos’s perspective. Scientology has made ZERO MOVES for as long as I can remember and they’ve become the butt of everyone’s jokes in the process. Maybe this $50 million movie studio will turn things around for them (although hopefully not).


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