John Travolta Will Be Let Off With Murder, According To Scientologists

John Travolta Scientology

Scientology = power.

Scientology is absolutely one of the weirdest things in the entire universe, and the more you hear about it, the scarier it seems to get.

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One of the most messed up things about the whole cult is the number of famous people who are involved in it. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are two of the bigger names on this spectrum, and now an ex-Scientologist has come out and claimed that the church is so powerful that in order to get Travolta to link up with them, they told him that they would do anything for him – even cover up a murder.

Leah Remini was speaking on the Joe Rogan podcast when she made this claim, and you can see it below. She also added that Travolta and Cruise are pretty much untouchable within the organisations, which isn’t really that surprising:

Geez. Like I said, every time I hear something else about Scientology it becomes ever scarier. I can’t believe an organisation like this even exists, but there it is.

If this hasn’t freaked you out enough, check out these 10 crazy facts about the religion. Terrifying.


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