Scientists Have Discovered An Anti-Aging Compound That Works On Mice And Are Currently Testing It On Humans


The elixir of youth.

The secret to immortality has long been sought after and never found, but it seems as though some scientists have made a major breakthrough after announcing that they’ve discovered an anti aging compound that works on mice.

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The compound is called NMN and it occurs naturally in broccoli, avocados and cucumbers. Mice that were fed the compound in their water reported several beneficial effects, including an improvement in their bone density and muscles, their liver and immune systems performing better and losing weight. Sounds completely sick to be honest.

The scientists at Washington University in St Louis were investigating the protein NAD which is involved with energy production in the body. As a human gets older, they produce less NAD which affects their bodies ability to perform as well as it could in youth. It was hoped that by giving the mice NMN that it would boost their levels of NAD.

Professor Shin-ichiro Imai explains how it worked:


The experiment was a resounding success.

As a matter of fact, NMN has remarkable anti-ageing effects in mice.

Those NMN [fed] mice definitely have longer health-span – entire lifespan, we’re not sure, but if this keeps working in this way they could have a longer lifespan as well.

We have shown a way to slow the physiologic decline that we see in ageing mice. This means older mice have metabolism and energy levels resembling that of younger mice.

Since human cells rely on this same energy production process, we are hopeful this will translate into a method to help people remain healthier as they age.

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Wow – where do I sign up? Well, nowhere just yet – they’re still testing it on humans at the moment and Imai warns that currently there would be no way to manufacture NMN for mass consumption. Instead, he recommended that we all eat broccoli, avocados and cucumbers as that will definitely help slow the process, but we’re probably all already doing that anyway because everyone tells you to do that in the first place. Basically get on with Imai and start selling NMN so none of us have to die. Thanks.

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