Scientists Claim That Binge Drinking Makes Men More Attractive To Women

Mine’s a double.

It’s often been said that it’s easier to hook up when you’re blind drunk, but I usually assumed that was because whoever I was trying to hook up with was blind drunk as well, not because the fact that I was completely wasted was turning them on in some weird way.

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This is apparently what is going on though as scientists have come to this conclusion in a new issue of Evolutionary Psychology. They claim that binge drinking can be used as a sexual signal from men to women to show their strength, vigour and attractiveness, as well as demonstrating how they’re willing to take risks.

Here’s what the actual passage says:

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Binge drinking could communicate information about resources, underlying mate quality, mating competition, and mating strategies.

Because alcohol is a luxury good, alcohol consumption may reflect wealth.

Binge drinking among young men serves as a “costly signal” to potential mates, such that the binge drinker is capable of bearing the harmful consequences of alcohol consumption.

The ability to withstand these detrimental effects could signal “vigour” and advertise mate quality.

This idea is related to [a theory called the] handicap principle, where females of many species prefer males that display exaggerated traits that are costly to maintain and develop; hence, these traits serve as “honest” signals.

Indeed, occasional drinkers and frequent drinkers were rated as significantly more attractive than nondrinkers, especially in short-term mating contexts.

Additionally, a recent review of the evolution of human sex-specific cognitive abilities by Geary (2017) identifies alcohol as a stressor/intoxicant that compromises the building, maintenance, and expression of sexually selected traits.

Thus the ability to function despite consuming alcohol (i.e., to “hold your liquor”), especially among men, might signal that the binge drinker is of sufficient quality to cope with the harmful consequences of alcohol.

Wow. That was a really long and boring way of basically saying that some girls are gonna fancy the pants off you if you’re a complete and utter pisshead. Great news – see you at the bar.

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