Here’s The Truth Behind ‘Super Orgasms’ And How To Achieve Them

It’s possible.

A new documentary in the works aims to discover how women are able to experience ‘super orgasms’.


What is a super orgasm exactly? It’s when a woman orgasms 100 TIMES in a row, according to scientists.

Five women’s brains were monitored for a Channel 4 documentary called ‘The Super Orgasm’, which sets out to explore the “myth” of women being multi-orgasmic.

Experts reckon the climaxing state is possible with a mix of relaxation, yoga and bonding (not to be confused with bondage).

They also state that women with greater blood flow to their genitals are more capable of being ‘super orgasmic’ as opposed to ‘single orgasmic’.

Women who experience single orgasms will usually have low levels of alpha waves – which rise as they climax. But, ‘super orgasmic’ women have high alpha waves throughout masturbation – which means they’re relaxed during the whole experience.

According to the investigators:

An important part of reaching super orgasm may be turning off the brain, becoming less engaged and letting go.



There you were thinking you were really cool for bringing a woman to one orgasm; turns out you’re not doing it right unless you’re giving her 100 orgasms. Cheers for that, science.

Fortunately it sounds like a lot of it is down to the female relaxing and feeling close with you, so at least the secret isn’t losing weight or going sober eh?

To hear the musical note that’s so strong it can apparently bring a woman to climax, click HERE.


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