Schoolboy Gets Kicked Out Of School For Looking Too Much Like Little T

Little T kid

Fair enough.

A schoolboy was recently kicked out of his class after getting his hair cut and styled in the same was as teen grime rapper Little T.

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Haman Karim, 13, was taken out of his classes and forced to work in “pastoral care” because of the likeness to the Blackpool-based rapper. His mum, Sharon Coxall, 51, is reportedly furious at the school’s actions:

Haman and mum

They weren’t too happy about his hair because he had the sides shaved quite short and he had the perm on top.

I knew he was getting the perm and I didn’t think that would be a problem but obviously he got the sides done too.

I thought it looked OK but he had a grade one or two on the sides and that’s why he ended up in pastoral.

It’s going too far. They keep bringing the hair up all the time. They say he’s got to have it all blended.


Apparently he was initially kept out of mainstream classes for having the hair too short on the sides. However, although the sides have grown back, so has the perm on the top of his head, resulting in the school continuing the classroom ban: 

I could understand it at first but the sides have grown back now. That was the problem – not the perm.

His short sides have grown now so what is the issue with curly hair? He’s got curly hair anyway so how is he supposed to stop that?

Maybe his teacher is just seriously not into Little T… yeah right. Little T’s great and his lyrics are just so incredibly insightful:


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