Here’s The Moment Someone Set Fire To A Bunch Of Kids During A School Play (VIDEO)

Teens on fire


I remember having to do school plays back in high school. It was pretty nerve-racking stuff having to get up in front of loads of people, remember your lines and not come across as a complete moron.

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But luckily I never had to worry about getting set on fire. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for these two teen girls who were ruthlessly covered in flames during their school performance.

In the video you can see a girl throw fire onto a cardboard box, which is dangerous enough as it is. But as the flames spread, two girls come out screaming and covered in fire. I don’t even know how or why anyone thought it would be OK to act this out. Needless to say, a teacher has been fired so I reckon it was down to some pretty irresponsible stage directions.

Brutal – I hope the girls are OK.

Can’t decide what was more of a balls up – this or the time a bunch of kids accidentally got their throats slit during a school production of Sweeney Todd.


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