School Dinner Lady Asked Boy, 12, To Spank Her And Offered Oral Sex



A married school dinner lady and former nurse has avoided jail after she offered a 12-year-old boy oral sex and said she wanted him to spank her, reports the Metro.

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Jayne Helen Sewell, from Cardiff, told the boy she was ‘horny’, sent him nudes and offered to perform sex acts on him. The boy’s mum found texts from the 52-year-old on his phone and told the police.

Cardiff Crown Court gave her a suspended sentence for two years, ordered her to register as a sex offender for five years and gave her a sexual harm prevention order that bans her from contacting boys under 16 years old.

The former St Mellons nurse, of Cardiff, used Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram to ‘seduce’ the boy, who she never met in person but sent ‘clearly sexually graphic’ texts to.

Prosecutor Jeffrey Jones said the messages were ‘aimed at seducing the boy’ and told the court:

There is evidence Sewell sent him a photograph of her breasts, though the image itself has not been recovered.

She continued:

She offered the boy oral sex and mutual masturbation and said she would like it if he spanked her bum. There was also talk of the pair being “horny”.

Thomas Roberts, defending, said Jayne had lost everything because of her actions, which she admits were ‘abhorrent’.

Jayne, who has no previous convictions, admitted engaging in sexual communication with a child under 16. Judge Paul Lewis QC told her:

You have avoided going to prison by a hair’s breadth – you are entirely to blame.

You were motivated by sexual excitement and, had you met, it could have resulted in the sexual abuse of the boy.

Children have to be protected from predatory adults, and that is what I regard you as – a predatory adult.

Jeez. So it sounds like this was a 12-year-old she found on Facebook and started chirpsing, and even convinced the lad to swap numbers so she could send him nudes and so on. Pretty wild that she picked some random 12-year-old on Facebook rather than the slew of targets she must have had working as a school dinner lady. Unless… there are other victims out there who managed to keep their phones hidden from their mums?

Either way, that’s Jayne’s run as a school dinner lady over. Not to mention any other job that involves her working around kids. I know these cases are taken less seriously when we’re dealing with female predators rather than male, but she’s still pretty lucky to avoid jail time here. Just as well for her the boy didn’t accept her offer of a spanking and mutual masturbation, tempting as it must’ve been. That would have been a prison sentence for sure.

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