Kid Gets Absolutely Destroyed In School Canteen Fight; Jaw, Cornea And Nose All Decimated

50/50 chance this kid made it out alive after this video.

Here’s the description via the YouTube uploader:

Argument leads to a fight due to background history. This school doesn’t usually get fights, so that explains the lack of response by the students. “Guy in black has a fractured jaw, scratched cornea, and broken nose. Both the guy in grey, and camera man were suspended” — Student from school.

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Watch below:

OK then. Anyone want to take a quick minute to check on the kid who just got his brains bashed in through his skull? No? No one want to make sure he’s OK? That was an absolutely insane one-sided beatdown right there. I know the description tries to explain the lack of reaction by saying that school never has any fights, but surely that should be the reason that people do react?

Anyway, not exactly sure what the history is between these two but whether that kid was asking for a punch or not, might’ve been an idea to back off once he was clearly KO’d on the floor. Just a thought for next time.

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