Watch This 10 Year Old MMA Fighter Beat The School Bully Into Submission In Pure Style

Bully Destroyed MMA Fighter

Pick your battles wisely.

Everybody loves a video where someone is picking on someone smaller and weedier than them and they end up getting their ass well and truly kicked and this could be one of the best ones yet.

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There’s very little information about the clip, other than the fact that the little kid in it has been taunted by this bully for a long time and has finally had enough. As a trained MMA fighter, it’s pretty easy for him to easily take down this bully too.

He completely snaps and beats the absolute crap out of him, finishing off with an arm bar which causes him to tap out for extra humiliation because he’s worried he’s going to break his arm. Pow.

Ouch. I love the way the bully makes himself look even more pathetic at the end there by standing there with his guard up about a mile away from the kid asking him if he wants some more, then his buddy just says ‘he beat your ass Mitch’. Told like a bitch, Mitch.

For more of the same, here’s a bully getting absolutely destroyed by a flying stomp.


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