Watch This School Bully Get His Ass Absolutely Handed To Him By A Skinny Kid

Skinny Kid Batters Bully

Absolute payback!

You’re going to encounter bullies throughout your entire life in all kinds of situations, but probably the worst time you’re ever going to get involved with them is back in school, where the meatheads roam the corridors looking to pick on weaker and skinnier kids than them.

Sometimes the only way to get them to back off, and that’s exactly what this kid over in Germany did when he was confronted with a bully way bigger than him. Normally you would expect the bigger guy to absolutely take this fight, but the skinny guy unleashes some fists of fury that mean that the bully can barely even see straight and can’t even get a punch in. Inspirational stuff.

Nothing better than seeing a bully get absolutely shut down. My favourite part of the whole video though is at the end when the dude is like ‘get the camera off me’ in German because he knows he got absolutely battered and doesn’t want any evidence of it getting around the school.

Well, unlucky pal it’s all over the internet now and your bullying days are probably over because all anyone needs to do now when you’re starting is say ‘remember when that skinny kid beat the crap out of you?’ and he’ll probably just shirt off into a corner. Loser.

It’s almost as satisfying as when his bully knocked herself out outside of McDonald’s – a real classic.


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