This Schizophrenic Girl Has Done One Of The Most Interesting Reddit AMAs In History

Girl Schizophrenia

She shares her body with three distinct personalities: Little, Blank and the sinister Demon.

The AMA (Ask Me Anything) SubReddit is hugely popular amongst users, allowing questions to be pitched to celebrities, politicians and some really fascinating people alike, like when they recently asked prostitutes what their first day on the job was like or when we heard from a guy with two dicks.

However, when one girl decided to do one about living with paranoid schizophrenia, it proved to be one of the most eye-opening AMAs yet. Not only did she allow users to pose questions to her, but also to any of the three people she sees and hears everyday.

Below are ten of the most interesting and bizarre questions and answers:

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Q: Could you please describe the inner voices and visible hallucination? Are they all female? How do you “interact” with them on a typical day?

A: The inner voices “live” or exist inside me. They talk to each-other and talk to me.

They are like separate people living in one body, with me owning the body. If I say or do something those people will want to comment on, they do, but they tend to do it quietly and respect that I own the body, not them.

Blank and Little are both female, Demon is, as far as I can tell, a male. He doesn’t look nor act like a human so I don’t like to identify him as one. Demon I see and hear. He is the most difficult to handle.

I ignore him because I know he is there but at the same time he isn’t. I can walk through him and even though he could be screaming at me I know no one else can hear him but me.

At night I do like to acknowledge them, talk to them, but never in public.

Q: Can you draw what Demon looks like?


Schizophrenia Girl Demon

Q: This may seem like a stupid question, but do any of your hallucinations actually tell you to do things, or is that just a general misconception?

A: Demon tells me to kill myself often. They tell me to do things but it is voluntary whether I do them or not. It is my choice and my willpower. It’s all in the mind.

Q: What do you want to be in the near future?

A: Me:A college graduate with a successful job. Little:An astronaut. Blank:A rock star/millionaire Demon:The end of the world

Q: Sorry for such an intimate question, but if you had sex, how was it? I mean, can you ignore the voices/image? Also, how did the false people react to you having a boyfriend/lover? Oh, and do the demon and the girls interact with each other?

A: sighs well… Little doesn’t like it when I have sex. She hides and cries afterwards but knows it is part of me growing up and accepts it.

Blank is so indifferent and just ignores it.

Demon loves to yell at me that I’m sinful and going to Hell. I ignore him and focus on my boyfriend, making the moment about me and him, not them.

Demon yells at Little a lot and makes her cry but he mostly focuses on me. Blank is already a shell of a person so he doesn’t have a point in going after her.

Movie Death

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Q: How do your… entities? hallucinations? react to music? Do they react at all? Do they have a musical taste? I’d be interested in what Demon would like to listen to.

A: Blank likes rock, Little likes flowing piano, and Demon hates everything. He likes the sound of people dying in movies though.

Q: Is it weird that I find Demon adorable? Could you please tell Demon that I love him and I would like to give him a hug?

A: He says he would rather drink acid than hug a snivelling snobby person who sits around all day on the computer.

Q: If they were to go away would you miss them? And also, have you ever tried getting along with Demon or finding out why he is so mean?

A: I’ve thought about this for a while. I think I would miss them, even Demon. They have always been with me, ALWAYS. It’s like I would be waking up one day without my ears, or my nose. It would be like a piece of me was missing.

Demon just hates me, that’s all he says.


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Q: Can you ask Demon what he thinks of Hitler?

A: Stupid human but had the right idea, just not on a big enough scale.

Q: If you could make all of it go away, would you?

A: Only Demon, Little and Blank I would keep. I feel like they deserve a chance at some amount of life I can give them

When I first read this I was completely dumbfounded as to how this girl has managed to stay sane during all of this. Especially that visible Demon, seriously, fuck that.

However, AMAs such as this one are what make it such a great SubReddit. It really makes you appreciate your own health and what others have to live through, kind of how the artwork of this guy who suffers from sleep paralysis makes me feel too.


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