This Scene From Bohemian Rhapsody Is Making Everyone Wonder How It Won Best Editing

Bohemian Rhapsody

50 cuts in 77 seconds.

Despite the fact that Bohemian Rhapsody was a humongous box office hit, many people are still questioning how it could have won so many Oscars a couple of nights ago.

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Whilst some people are outraged that Rami Malek managed to snag Best Actor for essentially lip syncing for a lot of the movie (I thought he killed it tbh), the real controversy has to come down to how it could win Best Editing when a scene like the one below exists in it. I didn’t actually notice this when I watched the movie, but the scene actually features 50 cuts in just 77 seconds – that means that the camera changes angles at least once every two seconds, many times just picking up reaction shots OF actual reaction shots.

It’s very obviously an awfully edited scene when it’s highlighted like this, so just watch and enjoy:

Wow. I guess anything really can happen if a film like that can win an Oscar for Best Editing. Of course, it’s probably the final 20 minute scene at Live Aid that was responsible for the gong, but even so you would have thought that someone would have had a look at this and realised how ridiculous it was before they released it to the whole wide world.

I suppose it didn’t matter in the end but everyone will probably rinse both it and The Academy until the end of time because of it, but they probably don’t care because they got the last laugh with their Best Editing. Life is unfair.

I guess it’s important to note that Bryan Singer got fired halfway through the shoot and Dexter Fletcher finished off the movie for him, so that might be why there’s some discrepancy in the editing quality throughout, but even so it’s still a bit of a big ask to let it go. Really dumb moment in Oscar history, but what’s new there?

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