Rami Malek Fell Off The Stage After Accepting His Best Actor Oscar

Rami Malek Falls Stage


Unless you stayed up late last night to watch the Oscars – who would actually do that? –  then you’re probably just learning now that Rami Malek unsurprisingly won the Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of Freddy Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody.

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The actor thanked his parents, Queen and his co-star and girlfriend Lucy Boynton during his acceptance speech, but the real highlight of the night came immediately following this where Malek tried to casually walk off the stage but ended up actually walking off the stage. As in taking a tumble and looking like he actually did a bit of damage to himself:

Annoyingly that doesn’t actually show him falling off, but if you want to see it go to this guy’s Instagram account and watch his story – it’s about the fourth section from the end. Sorry about that but I couldn’t find a rip of it anywhere.

Anyway, damn that did look mighty stupid didn’t it?  I suppose if you’ve just won the Oscar for Best Actor though you can probably be forgiven for not looking where you’re going because you’re almost certainly absolutely buzzing and not really paying attention to anything because you’re so hyped up.

Apparently following his fall he was attended to by two paramedics before being declared OK and swanning off into the night to go to about 700 different after parties and get absolutely zonked. And who can blame him? You gotta celebrate on the biggest night of your life.

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