Ex-Homeless People On Reddit Are Describing The Scariest Things They Saw While Homeless


Not to blow your minds too much or anything, but it sounds like being homeless really sucks balls. Not having a roof over your head? Not knowing where your next meal’s coming from? Awful. But it seems like the worst part might actually be the lunatics you run into while homeless and the horrors you’re forced to witness.

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There’s a whole thread of such experiences currently on Reddit, but we’ve compiled some of the more screwed up stories below:

Um yeah, I think that counts bigfudge_drshokkka.

The thread has nearly 10,000 comments so plenty more stories on there, but these were the most horrific I could find in the time I was browsing. Just imagine how much worse it is now for the communities of homeless people around the world having to deal with all this stuff on top of the pandemic. Good thing there are charities and good Samaritans out there doing what they can to help, but as we know, it’s never really enough.

For the tech-millionaire who came up with a ‘brilliant’ idea to combat the UK’s homeless problem, click HERE. Quite the backlash on that one.


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