Three Women Kidnap Man Who Was Cheating On Them And Torture His Balls With Curling Tongs



Nobody likes being cheated on, but surely the best response is always to just put it behind you and get on with your life. For those people who feel the need to take revenge though, how far is too far? Destroying the cheater’s life in one single Facebook status? Cutting off their genitals… twice?

For Natalie Lilley, 19, Leah White 22, and Lorraine Earles, 47, the plan was to kidnap the dude they’d discovered was hooking up with all three of them, and teach him a lesson. They lured him to a flat in Scarborough where they tied him to a chair (with the help of some dude called Brendan Teale) and subjected him to the following:

– Curling tongs to the balls

– Cigarette lighter to the neck

– Pizza cutter to the face

– Forced to drink cleaning fluid

– Multiple slaps/punches/kicks

– Ear bitten (not in a sexy way)

– Threatened with being suffocated with scarf (not in a sexy way either)

– Lots of laughing/mental torture


Leah White

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Eventually one of the girls, Leah, felt sorry for him and let him go once the others had fallen asleep, but not before jacking his phone. The whole crew of four was later arrested.

They all pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm; Earles, Lilley and White were given community orders and Teale was jailed for 12 months.

Surprised they didn’t film the whole thing, like these dudes did when they realised they had a mutual girlfriend.



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