Sasha Grey Reads Some Of The Most Sexually Creepy Texts Ever Sent Out Loud

Here’s what not to say on Tinder.

Well, this’ll be disheartening for some. All this time you thought your Tinder game was on point but really your texts are being used as comedic fodder by porn stars trying to make each other laugh:

Normally I don’t like stuff like this but some of these messages are a real hoot and obviously Sasha Grey is just great at being the coy girl – again as I’m sure you’ll all know from your familiarity with her vast body of work – so it actually works really really well and actually holds your attention for the whole duration. If all the people in this video aren’t enough for you, then you should probably check out these twats on Tinder as there are some even worse characters in there than featured here.

Oh well, check out our guide to guaranteed Tinder success and try again.


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