Sarah Everard Cop Sent Meme To Colleagues Detailing How To Abduct And Murder Women


I think most of us heard that a cop who had been guarding Sarah Everard’s remains last week had been suspended from active duty after sharing some unsavoury content with fellow policemen and most of us assumed that he had just sent some pictures of her remains or something, but it turns out the truth is even stranger.

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No, instead of a picture of her dead body, the 33 year old rookie policeman in question thought it would be funny/appropriate to send through a meme that laid out the six stages of her death from abduction to murder in the style of The Highway Code. The only image that has been released so far shows a cop saying ‘stop single girl’, but you can kind of imagine what the other ones that follow on from it look like.

Thankfully, other members of the police force realised how deeply inappropriate – and to be honest quite worrying -sharing content like this was and quickly moved to report the offending officer and he’s been placed on restricted duties. Here’s what Met Assistant commissioner Nick Ephgrave said about the incident:

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The Metropolitan Police Service expects its officers to behave professionally at all times and this includes how they use social media.

I take allegations that any officer or officers have failed to observe these standards very seriously and have referred this matter to the IOPC.

Not really sure what they’re going to do but I suppose it’s good that something might happen to this guy. I’m all for dark/edgy humour, but sharing something like that one day after the remains have been discovered and you’re guarding them to other police officers who you probably barely know literally beggars belief. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a better definition of ‘failing to read the room’. So tone deaf.

It also brings up another question of just where the hell the police force are finding these people that they’re hiring? I never really thought that cops over here were the trigger happy jocks and meatheads that you see over in the United States, but it seems like it’s going more and more that way with people like this being involved. Don’t even get me started on that new Police Act either. It’s not looking good.

For more of the same, check out what Sarah Everard’s accused murderer apparently did three days before her death. Something seriously wrong with that guy.


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