The New Samsung Galaxy Fold Phones Keep On Breaking Within Days


If you were saving up for the revolutionary new Samsung Galaxy Fold, you might want to hang on to your £1800/$1980/€1999 until they’ve sorted out a few problems.

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According to several reviewers who have received the phone weeks before it’s due to go on release, the screen keeps cracking or flickering days after first use.

Not a great start really is it? Big company tries to develop a new phone that’s going to revitalise the entire smartphone industry and it becomes a total joke on the internet before it’s even released. Should have probably made sure the Samsung Galaxy Fold was in good working order before sending it to the biggest technology reviewers with the biggest Twitter followings for review.

Oh well, will probably still end up being a massive success anyway once they iron these issues out. 

At least Samsung’s new 219-inch TV is looking suitably epic. Can’t wait for that one.


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