Sam Smith Got A New Tattoo To ‘Reflect’ Non-Binary Identity


Back in 2014, at the age of 22, Sam Smith came out as a gay man. Three years later in 2017, they (nailed it) announced that they was ‘genderqueer’.

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Then in 2019, Sam Smith announced that they doesn’t identify as male or female, and from now on would like to be referred to using gender-neutral ‘they/them’ pronouns.

Well it’s been a couple years now and Sam Smith is still non-binary, so it looks as though they’ve figured it out once and for all. To commemorate this, the 28-year-old has now got a tattoo which pays tribute to their non-binary identity and the journey they’ve been on:

Yup, that’s a young lad wearing nothing but Y-fronts and high heels and looking at himself in the mirror, presumably a pivotal moment, or at least a memorable one, in Sam Smith’s childhood?

Here’s Sam with tattoo artist Michael Langford:


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Personally I would have preferred it if Sam Smith kept on switching up their identity every couple years just to keep things interesting/wind people up, but fair play to the guy if they’ve settled on non-binary and if that’s how they really feel then I guess you’ve got to take their word for it. Well it’s either or be seen as some kind of non-binary-phobe, right?

I’ll be honest – I can’t wrap my head around the whole non-binary thing but if that’s how Sam Smith and others want to live their lives, then fair play to them.

For the uni student who got kicked out of class for claiming there are two genders, click HERE. Seems we’re destined to debate gender identity until the end of time.


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