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Worldwide media backlash at Sam Brick – the women who thinks she’s too beautiful to hang onto her mates!

Yesterday, nobody knew Samantha Brick, nobody except Daily Mail readers and a handful of apparently snooty people in France. Lots of people, especially women, would agree they preferred it that way.

If you’ve been in a vacuum and haven’t heard about Sam Brick, she’s the freelance journalist whose article in Tuesday’s Daily Mail entitled Why women hate me for being beautiful has caused a worldwide media uproar. Trending number 1 in the UK and number 2 worldwide, Sam Brick has been met with a swarm of speculation over her proclamations of self adoration. Because that’s all her article is – lists and lists of examples of how poor Sam just can’t get on in life because she’s just so god damn gorgeous. Please see Exhibit Aaaa! and you may feel differently.

To look at her, it’s more plausible to believe that these anecdotes are just lies and exaggeration. The majority of her article is anecdotes, as Sam desperately tries to prove her point – love yourself much? She fails miserably, sounding nothing more than arrogant and deluded. The people find her repulsive, as thousands continue to tweet and to comment on this story since it hit the news stands.

Brick appeared on This Morning (this morning) and endured a light sautéing from the presenters and a psychologist. The general consensus was this: nobody cares if you think you’re hot. The problems begin when you start believing that all women will feel threatened by you and ultimately dislike you because of said hotness, whether it’s genuine or just a delusion – like in Brick’s case. The me me me attitude is strong in this one, because she’s certainly no oil painting, and probably never was. In her article, Brick complained she was held back for promotions, but then admitted (after previously denying being a flirt) that she did flirt – to get ahead at work!

Ladies – are you jealous of this? Guys – do you wanna tap that? No. Of course you don’t. She believes otherwise…

It’s common knowledge that if you think you’re all that, no one will like you. It’s simple. Arrogance transforms even genuine hotness into ugliness, so Sam – you’ve got no chance! But thank you all the same, for offering yourself up as a live sacrifice so willingly to the hungry underbelly of the media! Twisted shit like this keeps us entertained, but will ultimately leave you dried up and empty. Oh, wait…

Here’s the fated interview from this This Morning. I would say enjoy, but you won’t. It’s like driving past a car wreck. You don’t want to look because you know it’s horrible, but still, you can’t resist because you can’t believe what you’re seeing. Behold – one of the most superficially hated women in the world today, ever.

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