Salt Bae Just Voted In The Most Salt Bae Way Possible

Salt Bae

Real life meme.

Salt Bae has somehow managed to extend his 15 minutes of fame after becoming the internet’s favourite meme last year.

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But this week, it’s not meat he’s been salting. Instead, Salt Bae’s gone political by voting in his home country, Turkey’s referendum.

Turkish president Recep Erdoğan held a referendum on amending the country’s constitution. Yesterday it was announced that the majority (51%) passed the bill, which will make the ceremonial office of President into the most powerful in the country. It could also mean that he remains in power until 2029.


Erdoğan is hoping to pass 18 further amendments to the Turkish constitution, such as making President both head of government and head of state. Looks like someone wants ALL the power.

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Obviously this is a very serious vote, but Salt Bae decided to make light of the situation by pulling his signature move at the polling station:

That’s it Salt Bae – milk it (or should I say salt it) for all it’s worth.

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