Salt Bae Is Now Effortlessly Chopping Up Flying Pieces Of Fruit

Salt Bae Chopping Up Fruit

The real life fruit ninja.

Salt Bae has probably been the internet meme of the year so far and unfortunately for everyone with a girlfriend out there, he’s not showing any signs of stopping.

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For his latest impressive feat, everyone’s favourite internet chef has abandoned his beloved meat to demonstrate his talents cutting up flying pieces of fruit. Salt Bae is in his kitchen when everyone is throwing all kinds of fruit at him and he just slices it in half with ease. What else would you expect from a guy like Salt Bae?

Kiyamadim dedi#saltbae #salt #saltlife

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Mesmerising, as per usual. Of course, he has to finish the video with a slice of his beloved meat, which he obviously caresses like pretty much every woman watching it wishes he was caressing her.

Maybe one day if you get lucky, but considering that Salt Bae actually has a massive family, probably not. Still, it probably won’t be long until he’s unleashing another video like this on everyone, so just keep waiting, won’t be too long.


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