Salad Fingers Creator Premieres A Typically Bizarre New Series Satirising The Modern Media

The News Hasn't Happened Yet

This is as weird as you would expect, but absolutely great.

Salad Fingers is well known as one of the most bizarre animated series on the internet, and probably one of the originators of that entire genre as well. Go check it out right away if you haven’t seen it so you know what we mean.

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Salad Fingers’ creator David Firth has been keeping busy in the years since its creation – most recently collaborating with musician Flying Lotus on the explicit full length feature Kuso – but he’s really hit it out of the ballpark with this latest video. It’s a typically bizarre segment called ‘The News Hasn’t Happened Yet’, which aims to satirise the mainstream media’s increasing obsession with fake news and reporting stuff that hasn’t actually happened.

Carrying it out in his signature style, to say that Firth nails it would be an understatement. Probably best to not know anything about it before you click on it for added effect, so just jump right in:

Wow, what a headfuck. It kinda reminds me of Brass Eye, only now and about twenty times more bizarre because everyone has the same stupid face, which I suppose is David Firth himself. The point behind it all is very relevant given recent events in the media though too, however weirdly Firth has chosen to make it.

The best part about this though is that it’s going to be a semi-regular feature, so hopefully we’ll see a lot more of these in the future. If they’re anywhere near as good as these ones, then you know that it’s going to be worth tuning in.

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