Four People Just Got Into A Massive Fight In Sainsbury’s Over A £1 Chicken Pie

The ‘Reduced Items’ section always attracts the savages.

A mum has had the shit kicked out of her by an unruly couple while out shopping at Sainsbury’s, after a row kicked off over a £1 chicken and mushroom pie.

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Polly-Victoria Turner says she was just doing her weekly shop at the store over in Torquay, Devon when the verbal altercation escalated.

She was thrown to the ground and dragged around by the hair before other shoppers and staff intervened.

Police are investigating after one witness described how she saw two women “fighting like savages” on the floor.


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Polly-Victoria says she was just defending herself:

My daughter was hysterical. She thought I was going to die. I suffered a split lip and bruising to my arms. Around six to ten men tried to get them off me.

But they left their newborn child in a car seat on top of a trolley and walked away and left her there for a while.

Police are looking for a woman who was wearing Wellington boots, a green coat and had long black hair with a pram. The man was wearing a farmer’s cap, jacket and jeans. Definitely the kind of outfits two chicken and mushroom pie loving undesirables would be rocking.

Sainsbury’s said:

We can confirm there was an incident in our Torquay store and we are helping the police with their inquiries.

No word on who got the chicken pie in the end. I’m guessing the couple? Sounds like they wanted it more.

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