This Is The Saddest Lapdance In History (VIDEO)

Saddest Lapdance Ever

When your wife ropes you into a lap dance to be broadcast to her thousands of perv followers so you can pay the rent.

Getting a lap dance is supposed to be a lot of fun, especially if it’s from the woman you married because from what I’ve heard about marriage, that probably doesn’t happen too much.

Unfortunately for this guy, getting a lap dance from his wife looks like it’s probably the saddest moment of his life. For some reason he’s agreed to it being filmed for broadcast on the internet, and he can’t look more unhappy about and disinterested if he tried.

I’m not really sure why it’s being broadcast on the internet – I’m guessing his wife is one of those naked webcam girls or something? – but I don’t really get why he agreed to be in it if he’s going to look so butthurt about it the whole time. I suppose it’s because she pays the bills through this sadly:

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Ouch. Do not want to be that guy right now (or ever) because he literally looks like he’s having the worst time in the world right there and then. Not even his awesome Hawaiian shirt can detract from how miserable he looks, and probably how miserable his entire life is if his wife has to do stuff like this all the time. Sad.

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