Saddam Hussein’s Daughter Absolutely Loves Donald Trump

What an endorsement.

Raghad Saddam Hussein, one of Saddam Hussein’s daughters who has long blamed the US for the chaos in her country, heaped praise on Donald Trump this week and revealed hopes he will be a better President than his predecessors.

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She told CNN:

This man has just arrived to the leadership … But from what is apparent, this man has a high level of political sensibility, that is vastly different than the one who preceded him.

He exposed the mistakes of the others, specifically in terms of Iraq, which means he is very aware of the mistakes made in Iraq and what happened to my father.

Regarding her father’s execution, which she says she’s never watched, Raghdad says:

I don’t think he would have gone in a death smaller than this. It was a death that brought pride to me, my children, my sisters and their children, to all those who love him and have a place for him in their heart.

Trump had praised Saddam Hussein during a campaign event back in July:

Saddam Hussein was a bad guy. Right? He was a bad guy, really bad guy. But you know what he did well? He killed terrorists. He did that so good. They didn’t read them the rights—they didn’t talk, they were a terrorist, it was over. Today, Iraq is Harvard for terrorism. You want to be a terrorist, you go to Iraq. It’s like Harvard. Okay? So sad.


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So obviously Raghdad hates Obama with a passion and is probably just excited that Trump is the opposite of Obama. Can’t blame her really – her country is now completely fucked with ISIS still running rampant and she blames Obama for that, whether rightly or wrongly.

Either way, I’m sure she’s not the #1 person Trump would like public approval from. After all she thinks her old man was a great leader but all anyone remembers about him is how he killed, raped and tortured thousands of his own people (not to mention his most heinous move – banning Pokemon). So I wouldn’t really trust her judgement on this one.


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