Sacha Baron Cohen Has Been Spotted Filming In His Borat Costume

Is Borat back?

Almost everything that comedian Sacha Baron Cohen seems to do has to be in secret because of the very nature of what he does: dressing up as comedy characters and getting people to react to whatever ridiculous situation he ends up putting them in. Can’t really get away with that if everyone knows what’s coming can he?

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Anyway, that’s why it’s not really that strange that he would end up filming a new Borat movie or segment or whatever without anyone having any prior knowledge of it and why the fact that someone spotted him probably means that there’s a new Borat project on the way. The clip was uploaded onto TikTok and seems to show Borat driving one of his crappy cars down the highway in Los Angeles with a camera crew in the car in front of him.

Take a look at it below:

I mean that definitely looks like Cohen is up to something doesn’t it? Couple with recent sightings of him singing at an NPR rally in California and a picture of him voting back in 2018 and all the evidence seems to be out there that he’s planning a new movie. Should be a hoot whenever it’s released.

For more of the same, check out the clip when he was tampering with US elections from back in 2018. Was pretty funny.


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