Borat Has Returned To Television To Tamper With The US Midterm Elections


He’s back.

Borat is one of Sacha Baron Cohen’s most loved creations, but I’m sure most of us thought that we had seen the last of him.

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Not so, as the legendary idiot returned last night as part of Jimmy Kimmel’s show in an attempt to tamper with the US midterm elections. Not really sure how they thought this would actually encourage people to go out and vote as it was probably broadcast too late to actually convince anyone to go out and vote one way or the other – would have been way better to do it the day or week before surely?

Anyway, the sketch involved Borat travelling around a wealthy suburban neighbourhood in California going door to door talking to voters and doing dumb stuff like trying to dissuade Jewish voters from going to polling stations by throwing bacon at them. It’s an OK sketch and nice to see Borat again, but it’s kinda like a watered down version of him that’s set to appeal to Kimmel’s audience that doesn’t really hit the mark:

Yeah I mean after the hilarity of Who Is America? over the summer that’s kinda wide of the mark and that first woman is pretty depressing in all honesty. I guess they couldn’t really find anyone that was that great to prank with such a limited time or something?

Anyway, I guess Cohen has the DVD set of This Is America coming out for Christmas so he needed to do something like this to promote it? Can’t really see any other reason why this happened to be honest. Nice timing but ultimately useless I guess.

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