Ryan Reynolds Got Drunk And Live Tweeted His First Ever Viewing Of ‘Green Lantern’

What a way to celebrate the release of The Snyder Cut.

Whilst superhero movies have undergone a massive renaissance in the last decade or so, it’s well documented that other than ‘Batman’ movies the genre was pretty pathetic before all that (OK we can probably include ‘Batman Forever’ and ‘Batman And Robin’ in that category as well) and Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Green Lantern’ is one of the worst examples of this.

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Somewhat surprisingly, Reynolds himself didn’t even bother watching the movie when it was finished – I always find it weird when Hollywood actors say they’ve never bothered watching the films that they’ve starred in, but I also kinda get it as well – and so in order to celebrate the release of Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ – a movie that the Green Lantern sadly doesn’t feature in – Reynolds decided to get drunk and live tweet his first ever experience watching ‘Green Lantern’. The results were pretty hilarious as you can imagine:

Yeah that was pretty funny – and a damn good advertorial for his Aviation gin brand – but I thought it might make me want to watch the movie or at least be a bit more intrigued by it than I am now. I guess that wasn’t really the point, but I was still hoping for a bit more. Guess it’s just The Snyder Cut for me.

Also interesting to note that ‘Green Lantern’ is apparently so bad that it isn’t even available on any of the streaming platforms. Lol.

For more of the same, check out Reynolds’ last movie ‘Free Guy’. Wonder if it will ever be released?


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