Ryan Phillippe Is VERY Angry That People Are Saying He’s Dating Katy Perry


Taking first world problems to another level.

Imagine if your biggest problem in life was people making up rumours that you were banging Katy Perry. Most people would probably roll with it and pretend that it was true.

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Not Ryan Phillippe though. He’s very unhappy about it indeed:

Funnily enough, that opened the doors for a bit of (maybe) flirtation between the two:




Then again Ryan Phillippe doesn’t need a fake Katy Perry romance rumour to feel good about himself. Here’s a run-through of the ladies he’s hooked up with since his starring role in ‘Cruel Intentions’:

Reese Witherspoon



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Alexis Knapp


#8310745 Actor Ryan Phillippe and his gorgeous new blonde girlfriend were spotted together having breakfast together in West hollywood, California on December 22, 2011. The lovely new lady wasn't used to all of the attention as she tried to cover up her face and hide behind her more confident man. Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

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Paulina Slagter



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(Probably Sarah Michelle Geller too)


So in fact all these rumours that he’s banging Katy Perry are only serving to distract him from actually banging hot celebrities. Although I get the feeling it’s on when these two inevitably run into each other.

I’m sure the guy who got catfished into believing he was dating Katy Perry will have something to say about it though.


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