The Booty Slapping Championships – Introducing Russia’s Brand Spanking New Sport (VIDEO)

Russia does it again.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve shared a few videos from Russia’s notorious slap contests, which involves grown men slapping the life out of each other until someone is knocked out.

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Here’s a reminder:

Well it seems the Russians also have a female equivalent of the sport, only instead of smacking each other around the face, these women are slapping the shit out of each other’s butts until one of them can’t take it anymore:

The rules are simple: the contestants, who are all fitness freaks with gym-toned booties, take it in turns to slap each other on the butt.

The winner is the first to deliver a slap hard enough to the other’s behind to knock them off balance, causing them to fall over or step forward, avoiding any serious damage, which is in stark contrast to the men’s version.

One of the tournament’s winners was fitness blogger Anastasia Zolotaya, who frequently shares the sorts of exercises that result in a backside sturdy enough to withstand all those booty slaps:

Seems like a sport with a lot of potential if you ask me. I bet Putin loves it even more than the men’s face slapping contests. Probably arranging a private game at his palace as we speak.

Question is how long before the booty slapping championships go international? No doubt the woman with the 7-foot wide butt would be unstoppable at it.


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