Watch This Russian Woman Take A Fat Dump In A Supermarket Freezer

Woman Takes Dump Supermarket Freezer

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.

I’m sure that everyone reading this will at some point have had a moment where they really, really needed to poop badly but just had to try and prairie dog it in until they were in an appropriate place.

That’s the normal reaction for most people in that situation, but it isn’t necessarily the reaction of every single person in the world. Case in point this Russian lady who was perusing the supermarket with her friend when she decided that she had simply had enough of holding it in, so sits down over a freezer and lets rip. Rank.

The best thing about the video though is when her friend turns around and sees her sitting on the freezer with her pants down and letting it all out, and she just has a look on her face like ‘not again, geez, we’ve talked about this’ rather than ‘what in God’s name are you doing you fucking weirdo?’ Clearly this isn’t the first time she’s had to drop them off in public. Enjoy.

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Yuck. Better or worse technique than this woman caught doing the same in Southport? Tough one.


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