Russian Tycoon ‘The Sausage King’ Assassinated With Crossbow In Sauna

I never sausage a gruesome murder.

Russian oligarch Vladimir Marugov AKA The Sausage King has been murdered with a crossbow while sitting in an outdoor sauna cabin at his home near Moscow.

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As per the BBC, Marugov, nicknamed ‘The Sausage King’ due to his ownership of two major meat companies in Russia, was murdered after two masked men, armed with a crossbow and a rifle, entered his home on Sunday night. They threatened him and his girlfriend, then tied the couple up and shot a crossbow through Vladimir’s chest.

The woman managed to escape through a window and called the police. By the time police arrived however, Marugov had died from his wound, and the two suspects had managed to flee the scene. The good news is they managed to track down and detain one of the suspects, a Kazakhstani man named Alexander Mavridi.

Getting killed by a crossbow in 2020? Brutal. I mean what is this, the Middle Ages? Poor guy was enjoying a relaxing little Saturday in his outdoor sauna with his girlfriend and out of nowhere come these two assassins and murder him via crossbrow Game of Thrones style.

I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering how these intruders managed to gain access to a Russian tycoon’s property, kill him without taking anything, and leave the only witness alive as she escaped through a window. Could Vladimir Magurov’s girlfriend have had something to do with this? Was she maybe working undercover for a rival Russian meat company? Is she about to produce a doctored ‘will’ stating that Magurov left her his entire fortune?

Maybe I’m just being cynical, but who else would want a Russian sausage tycoon dead? Either a rival businessman or an evil girlfriend or both. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what the investigators dig up.

Either way, the moral of the story is, when in Russia, just avoid saunas and steam rooms in general. Ever seen Eastern Promises? Yikes:

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