VIDEO: Russian Rope Jumping Is The New Russian Roulette

Russian Rope Jumping

She really doesn’t look like she survived.

It’s well documented on this site that Russian people are completely and utterly crazy, but this new way to ‘have fun’ might be a bit much for them. It’s pretty much just a sure fire way to kill yourself.

It’s called Russian rope jumping, and involves tying a rope around your waist and then jumping off a building. It’s not a bungee jump so where you land – or preferably don’t land – depends entirely on the length of the rope and where you tie it. As such, there’s every chance that you might just jump off a building and slam straight into the ground and break most of the bones in your body, which is exactly what happens in the video below. Ouch.

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If you’re wondering what all that Russian stuff says, here’s what Google Translate had to say (obviously not the best but unfortunately I don’t have anyone fluent in Russian in the office today):

Today we are witnessing broken girl. Everything happened at about 2:30 pm in an abandoned building in front of the shopping center Forum, where all Roupdzhampery jump.

As I understand, this is the first accident that could carry the life of this beautiful young girl. Kostya and his friend Anton called an ambulance quickly came down the stairs (you are in a derelict building opposite, which usually are the teachings), ran up to her, about her was about the crowd, but some guy, probably her young man, I asked everyone to leave.

In a state of shock, we have to go to the car, once reached, is already from the center rushed resuscitation.

What’s with this girl right now, it is unknown, but I would very much like to see everything worked out and she quickly recovered.

So we went to take pictures on the background of Murmansk. The desire, of course, take pictures has fallen away and the bones do not want to deal with Roupdzhampingom.

I guess what he’s trying to say is that it doesn’t look that good for the girl but he hopes everything is OK. If I were them, even if this is the first accident they’ve encountered, I would just stop messing around with Roupdzhampingom immediately.

Maybe just follow this Russian dude’s lead and marry a pizza instead.


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