Watch This Russian Rebel Order A Missile Attack And All Hell Break Loose

Russian General Orders Missile Strike

He literally unleashes hell on Earth here.

There isn’t really much information present about this video, other than the fact that it’s apparently a Russian rebel ordering a missile attack on a walkie talkie. I don’t know if the guy is Russian or what he’s saying or even what the hell he’s rebelling against, but the fact that a missile launcher behind him goes absolutely ballistic following his announcement would seem to confirm that he was indeed ordering it.

But when I say ballistic I mean absolutely out of control, that’s important to clarify. If I was on the end of this missile launch I would be looking at being blown into a million and one pieces. This guy is absolutely not messing around and is looking to bring hell to Earth by the looks of things.

Having established that though, if the Russian rebels regularly employ this kind of firepower, then why the hell haven’t they beaten whoever they’re rebelling against?

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