Russian Prison Tattoos – Hidden Meanings, Dark Art And Punishment

Russian prison tattoos carry an epic depth of meaning and have spawned a whole genre of ink art. Dark and strangely beautiful, take a peek.

If you’re thinking of going over to Russia to swan about with a rose on your scrawny chest ready to impress: beware. Tattoos that are unearned will end you up in a whole heap of aggro with the guys that have earned them. Just a beating, if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky it may be a rape and/or the removal of the tattoo. The method for tattoo removal is to bandage magnesium powder to your skin which causes caustic burns that strip away the picture and a fair amount of flesh.

Russian Prison Tattoo - Prison Mates

Russian prison tattoos often appear bluish because they use ink from a ball point pen, and they’re blurred because they don’t have access to anything quite as sharp as a surgical grade needle. But I guess accuracy isn’t really the point here.

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