Priest Gets Arrested After Police Catch Him Moonlighting As A Part Time Pimp

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Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

It’s well documented on these pages that some absolutely crazy stuff goes down in Russia, but I thought that their religious clergy would at least take their roles seriously.

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Turns out that this isn’t the case, however, after a Russian priest was recently arrested for moonlighting as a pimp. 39-year-old Nikolay Kireev was arrested in a brothel in the city of Vitebsk in northern Belarusian Vitebsk Oblast region whilst wearing his holy robes.

He had told his wife that he was on a religious trip to Moscow, but she raised the alarm after he failed to return. Kireev was then located in a jail in Vitebsk.

Despite the fact that he appears to have been caught red handed, his friends and family are refusing to believe that he was responsible for all this, instead choosing to say that he was framed. Father Sergiy, chief priest of Peter and Pavel cathedral, told local media:

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I did not send him on a religious trip, he was on holiday leave.

He is very quiet person, good, kind hearted and holy – I can’t even imagine something like this. Maybe someone framed him.

I mean surely the alarm bells are ringing when he lied to his wife and said that he was going on a religious trip when he actually wasn’t? Not really sure how any of these guys can actually believe him, but there you have it.

Expect him to go to jail for about 20 years for human trafficking and the idiots will still probably believe he’s not guilty and spend ages campaigning for his release. Morons.

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