Russian ‘Popeye’ Synthol Bodybuilder Competes In First MMA Match; Taps Out In Three Minutes


The Russian ‘Popeye’ bodybuilder has hit the headlines a few times over the years for having completely ridiculous arms after he injected them with synthol repeatedly, but it looked like he was trying to do something useful with them finally after embarking on a career in MMA.

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I think that his first result in his first MMA fight is going to be a surprise to absolutely nobody though as anyone could probably figure out that having really looking arms full of jelly probably aren’t going to actually help you in a fight. Blogger Oleg Mongol fought the Russian Popeye Kirill Tereshin at a gym in Abakan in Russia and forced him to tap out after only three minutes.

You can watch the full fight and Tereshin’s pathetic performance below, in a video that’s narrated by some dumb American guy and also features a bonus ending of Kirill getting knocked over by the Russian slapping champion as well:

Lol Kirill really is a loser hey –  as if we didn’t know that before. Guy should probably look at getting some help with his arms though because there’s no way that they should look like that and he’s not gonna get them infected or what have you at some point. Kid is gonna die if he isn’t careful so definitely needs them looking at if he hopes to live a long and healthy life.

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