Russian News Programme Totally Rips Off Robocop Opening Scene

Why would a Russian news programme completely rip off a scene from Robocop? I dunno, but they defo have.

In a nutshell, the snazzy opening titles of a Russian news programme hosted by Dmitry Kiselev has copied the opening scene from the critically slammed 2014 Robocop film. Initially I thought the similarities would be trivial and coincidental, but when you watch this you realise it can’t possibly be a mistake. The match is way too perfect.

Was it just lazy direction, writing and editing or is the Ruski TV producer simply a massive Robocop fan? Who knows. Whoever made the copycat credits needs to watch out though, you don’t want to wind up Samuel L Jackson, he’ll go nutzoid on you.

Check this out and try to tell me it’s a coincidence:


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