A Russian MP Was Killed When A Bomb Blew Up The Car She Was Inside Having Sex With Her Husband

No puns please, we’re British.

A Russian MP has been killed after a bomb exploded her car, while she was inside it having sex with her husband.

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30 year old Oksana Bobrovskaya was part of Putin’s United Russia Party, and her semi-naked body was found alongside her husband’s in the back seat of the exploded car in Siberia. The fact they were half naked and in the back seat is probably where the sex assumption comes from, to be fair.

Sources and witnesses are saying that they’d seen the pair arguing before the incident, and he’d accused her of cheating on him. Police are fearing that the husband had set the bomb off himself.


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Reports from Russia are slightly conflicting, with The Siberian Times suggesting that he held an explosive in his hands, a grenade or some TNT, while another Russian newspaper said that they had a ‘conflict’ resulting in the explosion that left them dead and disfigured.  But the mayor of Novosibirsk, Anatoly Lokot, played down the claims and said the death was due to ‘family problems’.

Evgenia Romanova, who lives close to where the explosion took place, said:

It was horrific — something you would not wish anyone to see. No heads, glass covered in blood… a nightmare.


The mayor has also dismissed it as an act of terrorism.

It’s a weird and tragic story, and not the first time a couple have died while having sex in their car.


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