WATCH: Russians Are Training Seals For Military Action

Trained Russian military seals? Fair enough.

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The following clip is just one of the sprawling barrage of weird experimental things that come out of Russia. Like that terrifying anti-tank gun we posted about recently or that guy that created a two-headed dog by transplanting a second head onto a living dog. I guess it’s cool that they’re doing some out-there stuff. Someone’s got to. That’s how breakthroughs are made.

Training Seals Russian Military - Warrior Seal

Having said that, I’m not sure how useful these seals will be to the military. It’s hard to work out how serious this is, I mean, they’re training seals to be in the military FFS. It’s actually a video taken from a Russian news broadcast though, so maybe it’s semi-serious. I dunno.

I got YouTube to auto-translate the captions for me and that wasn’t particularly helpful. E.g:

Training Seals Russian Military - Caption 1

… and…

Training Seals Russian Military - Caption 2

So we’ll have to make our own minds up about this. I’m fairly sure it’s just for some daft aquarium show though:

Is it better or worse than the white beluga whales being trained in Siberia?


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