Check Out This Russian Anti-Tank Rifle In Action

Russian Anti Tank Rifle

Because in Russia, you’re not even safe when you’re driving a tank.

Over in Russia, they’ve invented an anti-tank rifle that looks like it means serious business. Why? Because they’re Russian duh and even when you’re in a tank you’re not safe over there.

It’s called the PTRD-41 and it looks like it packs a serious punch if the guys testing it out in this video are anything to go by. You only see it getting fired but it looks like it would pretty much destroy anything with the amount of power that the rifle gets on the huge bullet here.

Although it doesn’t look like it would actually blow up a tank, the second video clearly shows how powerful it is by punching a massive hole through a steel plate. If that hit the fuel tank of the tank though, you could bet it would be going up in flames. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger crushing things in his own personal tank probably would have been no match for it.

The video is also keen to stress that this firearm isn’t available to buy anywhere, which makes you wonder how the hell they managed to get their hands on it in the first place?

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