Russian Maniac Attaches Himself To A Train And Skis On The Snowy Tracks Behind It

Russian Skis Train Tracks

Trust the Russians to take things up a notch.

A couple of weeks ago in New York when the blizzard hit, a couple of snowboarders decided to get their boards out and skate the city, helpfully being pulled along by the NYPD.

Of course, some Russian guy saw this and decided to take the next logical step with it. Logical if you’re Russian that is I suppose.

In the video below, the guy decides to get on his skis and grab a rope that’s attached to a high speed train travelling from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Needless to say, it’s only a matter of time before the train is going way too fast for him to hold onto the rope and he ends up crumpled up on the train tracks. It looked kinda fun for about a minute though:

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Ouch. I mean that was always going to happen wasn’t it? Apparently he fractured his finger, hurt his knee and got a shitload of bruises, but at least he was the first person in Russia to do it and had a load of fun right? Totally worth it.

For more stuff that crazy Russians get up to, watch this kid jump off a five storey building into some snow like it’s nothing.


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