These Dudes Took Advantage Of The Blizzard And Decided To Snowboard Across New York City

Snowboarding NYC

What a couple of complete sickheads.

You’ve probably heard that there was an absolutely massive blizzard over in America the past few days called Jonas and it pretty much shut the whole country down it was so insane. It’s apparently heading over here too so get ready to wrap up warm.

Anyway, everyone knows the best thing about snow days is going out in the snow and having a completely sick time. These two dudes over in New York City took it the absolute next level though when they decided to snowboard around the city and film it – even getting the NYPD to help them out.

Casey Neistat and his mate strapped on their snow gear and used an ingenious pulley system to get them around the city. They attached themselves to NYPD patrol cars and got them to pull them around the city to make up for the lack of slopes there. It was crazy and looks like some of the most fun ever.

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What a couple of complete sickheads. If the storm is half as bad in London as it was over there then I hope we see some people doing this on the streets of London too. Badass.

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