Unreal Moment Russian Man Dies After Stadium Roof Collapses During Demolition Work (VIDEO)

Horrific footage (NSFL).

A construction worker has been found dead after a St. Petersburg concert hall collapsed as it was being demolished, with drone footage showing the tragic moment the worker desperately scrambled to reach safety.

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As the video shared by RT shows, he was this close to making it out alive:

Unreal. Straight out of an action movie scene – except sadly not. I just don’t understand why this poor man didn’t have a safety harness attaching him to the cage/crane which you’d think was a standard health & safety regulation on a job like this. Russia gonna Russia I suppose. It’s really agonising to see just how close he was to saving himself…

Thoughts with his colleague in the crane as well who had to watch his co-worker go down like that. That’ll be a massive case of survivor’s guilt for sure.

For similarly NSFL footage of a Chinese factory worker perishing in an explosion, click HERE. There’s a reason why safety precautions are so important.


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