Unreal Footage Of A Chinese Factory Worker Getting Literally Blown To Smithereens (NSFL)


So this incident occurred about a year ago but the footage has just found its way online, and it might be one of the most bonkers videos I’ve ever seen.

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Uploader Carl Zha provides a vague description of what happened:

Chinese industrial accident: Yangtze Pharmaceutical industry personnel didn’t follow safety procedures, died immediately from blast. Footage from 05-03-2018

It’s not particularly gruesome and it’s over in a flash, but you have been warned:

Probably the sort of footage they should be showing factory workers all over the world as a reminder why you need to always follow procedure and wear the proper equipment. Well, not that any equipment had a chance in hell of saving this dude, but more the ‘follow correct procedure’ part.

If you could stomach that, maybe you’re ready for the aftermath of a man being sucked into a jet plane engine (NSFL).


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