Horrifying Video Shows Russian Man Savagely Beating Up His Girlfriend After She Attacks Him

Russian Man Beats Girlfriend


Here’s a horrifying/depressing/brutal video to start your day. It features a Russian man absolutely decimating his girlfriend after she’s been attacking him pretty full on herself for about a minute.

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I don’t know what they’re arguing about in the video but it seems pretty serious as the woman is punching and slapping him pretty hard for a full on minute to begin with before he tries to calm her down and hug her into submission. Clearly this didn’t work because a few seconds later he’s laying into her with some punches that looks pretty serious. What an absolute cunt.

Following the beating he lays on his girlfriend, another woman walks into the scene and asks him what the hell he’s doing. Obviously she gets put in some kind of weird armbar for her trouble, before the clearly intoxicated guy gets in a car along with his girlfriend and speeds off, probably to assault her some more in private. Check it out:

What an absolute dickhead. I suppose it must be pretty frustrating to get completely pounded by your girlfriend for a minute straight – especially if you’re wasted too – but I don’t think it’s ever acceptable to hit a girl and certainly not with the ferocity and power of the shots he laid her out with. It’s disgusting.

I hope the police over in Russia – it’s apparently filmed in a town called Yekaterinburg – get a hold of this guy and put him behind bars because chances are this isn’t the first time he’s hurt his girlfriend if their relationship is as volatile as the one seen in that two minute clip. Sort it out guys.

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